Thursday, October 16, 2008

Squeezed in some play

Rain is due tonight and tomorrow (not much though) so I got home early and played with the boys a bit. I tested 'don't change gait, don't change direction' with me relaxing in the middle, with Garbo - and that was pretty cool - it's actually improved since we started doing Figure 8's. As has our change of direction which are to die for!

We did Figure 8's round two piles of poo!

After that I took his halter off and we drove Maraschino together. It was quite funny, Garbo just stuck beside me.

I did some half circles against the fence with Maraschino and then a full circle in walk. I was surprised I thought he would trot or canter. You know what he did? He stopped every couple of steps and ate grass... hmm maybe he's a bit more Left Brain than originally thought! Maybe Garbo has been teaching him some tricks.

We played some approach and retreat with the hose, and then I gave him a sponge wash with lavender. Then I went and sponged Garbo too while he was grazing because he was a bit sweaty.

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