Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ride in the wind

Yes, after a lovely calm morning - it got windy again!

Anyway - after planting the potatoes in the garden I set up some cones in the shape of an arena over in the far end of the paddock - where it's the least puggy.

Garbo was in a good mood even though it was nearly dinner time so off we went. I think this new hackamore really does make a difference. I got on after doing a quick figure of 8 round the spools on the ground and we headed to the cones.

Well we did some cone to cone (treat at each cone) in walk and trot. Garbo spooked once and he spent the whole time looking for something to spook at I think (down that end). After a while I let him take me where he wanted to go (rightly or wrongly) and he headed off up the 'rail' to the tyre. Then we mucked around a bit up that end, doing some sideways over the pole - AND - backwards over the pole - that's a first in the saddle.

We went up on top of the clay pile a few times, tried some figure 8 (I really need to move those spools out more now), and we ended it there. I made sure I had lateral flexion lots of times during the ride, did lots of transitions, circles (harder for him to the left than the right), but to me - he still does not seem to enjoy it at home in the paddock. It's pretty bumpy. And not really anything new to see. Maybe it's my imagination?!

I am investigating local arenas to hire at the moment - he does like being ridden on a nice smooth surface (snob horse lol).

Garbo waiting for a treat after I got off.

Anyway - I am not really sure why I turn into a boring partner once in the saddle, but I shall have to have a lick and chew on that.

I did some finesse in the hackamore (you are probably not supposed to?) at the end and you know he looked great from where I was sitting! He's finally stopped backing up everytime I use a concentrated rein.

But - you know what happens to me? I get all stiff in my back and arms and hands.... hmmm.. I find myself doing what I used to do and pulling against him.... need to finish watching this months DVD.

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Cilla said...

that hackamore certainly looks like it fits better. perhaps could do with being a little further up his nose too?
Lizzie loves concentrated rein in the hackamore and I have no idea why or how lol.
i don't know if I have any suggestions except for you to somehow find a way to relax instead of tensing up lol. You are part way there as you are aware of it! I think it's muscle memory and u just have to find a way to train yourself out of it lol. easier said than done but i am sure you will x