Friday, November 20, 2009

Coco update

I wanted to update everyone on the progress I have been making with Coco. Today for the first time I rubbed him all over, all four legs, under his belly, his neck, and head, and he was calm. YAY.

Got it on video too.

I have been practising running with Maraschino where he trots behind (and eventually beside) me. At first he was very scared and just stopped and braced. But he is getting better. It's lots of fun. There is an in-hand all breeds show on at the bottom of our road soon - it would be cool to take him along. I would have to get a babysitter for Garbo as he would not cope being left behind!! And I would need to do some float training with M. Wonder how he would be alone. Just fine I think.


Cilla said...

What a wonderful video! Lovely to see Coco so relaxed and happy. Well done buddy!
c x

Twinnie said...

That is great Vicki - you two have come such a long way - very savvy!!