Saturday, November 14, 2009

Play today

My friend Viv popped round today to give back some books and to grab hers I had borrowed. We started talking over coffee on the deck about Natural Horsemanship and how alot of people don't know what they don't know. Actually Viv couldn't believe they didn't know but I convinced her lol.

Then I asked her if she had time to look at my change of directions to the left compared to the right in regards to my body language - since Garbo practically ignores my ask to change from right to left.

She said they looked completely different - in fact she said she wouldn't have guessed I was asking the same thing!

She said I leaned backwards on the good one but leaned forward on the bad one and also was not as clear with my arms.

After a few more practices with backwards falling leaf (hee hee I can't remember how to do a forwards one) she said it looked more consistent and the results spoke for themselves.

Funny thing was I was only on the 22ft and that didn't reach the pole on the ground from the centre, and Garbo wanted to circle over the pole today.

In the end I took off his rope and he successfully did a lovely send over the pole and a circle at Liberty.

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Cilla said...

Great to have someone look at our body language. very helpful. x