Thursday, November 26, 2009

Green Ball Day

Jane was talking about having some holes in her Levels self assessment sheets and I have to admit - I have never addressed Garbo not liking the green ball (unless it's still and on the ground) but it can't touch him anywhere - not even the foot, and you definitely can't lift it up, let alone above my head height!!
So today - starting with Maraschino I worked with the ball with both of them. I actually took Garbo for a walk first because while I was playing with Maraschino - Garbo took off at a great pace from his yard where he had been watching, when I put the ball on top of Maraschino!

So I had some treats and this made Maraschino very confident very quickly - first I rolled the ball on the ground around him and then touched his legs with the ball - slowly at first, then kind of bumping the ball into his legs, then rolled it under him. The biggest reaction he had was when Garbo took off!
So funny - scared of the carrot stick but not the green ball (not much anyway).

Then I bounced it while walking forward and asked him to follow....

Then I lifted the ball up and touched his sides, then rolled it up (cue Garbo taking off), - he was soooo good.

Here's the video to prove it!

I played with Maraschino first for a reason - I wanted to take Garbo away for a bit - since we are going out to ride tomorrow.

So - Garbo and I went up the road with no dramas

and we only had one threshold along the way - Garbo spotted the neighbours kid walking up the driveway (a long distance away) with a silver back pack on - the back pack of course nearly bigger the the kid). It only lasted a few seconds and off we went again - today on the 22ft.

He's quite confident walking out ahead of me so I leave him to it when he can and catch up and overtake if he stops.

We went a little bit further today but not round the blind corner.

When we returned Maraschino was calm - just looking out for us and wondering what goodies like carrot weed I had brought back for him. Garbo stood waiting while I closed back up the tape I had to move to get out the gate.

So - then we started with the ball with Garbo - he was not sure at all and when just following the ball being rolled around he had this big worried look - wrinkles above his eyes...

He would move to avoid the ball rolling into his foot (maybe I need a ball on the end of my carrot stick for the 45ft circle lol), and when I picked it up he tried to leave the building.

So - for you lucky ladies who have a horse that doesn't worry about the green ball - check this out...

I persevered playing approach and retreat and tried backing up to him with me holding the ball - that worked but it was not allowed to touch one single hair on his body! Maraschino was watching from the outside of the wash bay.

Then I lifted it up and put it on top of my head. I had read the article in the Savvy Times about the guy that spent ages and ages with the friendly game over the horses head or back - sitting on a fence. Garbo had a complete RB moment and tried to leave but stopped when he felt the rope - good Garbo.

I kept it on my head and Garbo just stared - wide eyed, wondering what on earth was in front of him. It sounded like me - BUT - didn't look like me.

Well guess who just could not contain his curiosity - Maraschino came bowling up and sniffed the ball on my head! I set the camera up and did it again so you could see. The wind blew it over!

Coco was never far away...

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Cilla said...

I would never have thought G would be scared of a ball! Lizzie always looks unimpressed and bored. Time I got ous out again to see if she will play ball!!! Hahahahaha!