Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Garbo Mr Garbo

It was really windy tonight and later than I realised it was so after a quick play on the 45ft with Garbo, and it not going so well - I decided to ride.

I saddled up and took him into the round pen. I got on and things seemed fine but he started doing something he has not tried for quite some time. It's the whole "I cannot POSSIBLY do anything - it's dinner time, limp limp, hop hop, pretend to spook, threaten to buck", every time I ask for an upwards transition.

So instead of follow the rail I said ok we will go backwards over this pole - something we hadn't done in saddle. and he did it - so then we did sideways off the pole and I got off, took him up to the drive way where there was grass, and I got on again, and played seperation training with Maraschino and eat grass with Garbo - with me on board.

OK - not what we planned but hey.

I got off and it was 6.45pm!!! No wonder!!!

Then I attached the 45ft rope to the fence and practised swapping hands with the carrot stick and rope (up until then I was always getting very tangled.) After a while I saw a good improvement. The boys didn't know WHAT I was doing and were looking at me very oddly.

Then I fed them - 7.15!

We are going for a ride at Jools on Friday and maybe Sunday - then next Friday we are going to the beach!!!

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