Sunday, November 8, 2009

Maraschino in the round pen

I played with Mr Maraschino today in the 90ft round pen and on the 22ft line.

We started with some driving game (move your fq and hq), back up, then circle game. We managed to get a nice trot today on the circle. He still keeps coming in after half or one and a half circles (yes, behind me).

Then we did some send over the pole, turn face and wait - he was great today - not emotional at all. Now I am wondering why I didn't do patterns (apart from touch it) guess I keep thinking I haven't covered the full 7 games yet with him.

Then for some maniac reason I took the halter and line off. And asked for a circle. He went to the edge and looked out. I asked him to face me and he didn't so I snuk up on him and tagged him with the halter. He ran off and looked out again. Then he thought he saw something scary and I couldn't catch him (yes by this stage I thought - you idiot - put the rope back on!)... I played catching game for a while, it was a bit scary when he went a bit right brain about something over the fence and looked like he might try and jump out!

I went and got a carrot after he had calmed down (and was following me and checking what I was doing as I was pulling out buttercup while I waited) and then haltered him while he ate the carrot.

So - back online I decided to do some rope tossing again - he's such a jumpy bum compared to Garbo. On the near side he was handling it but on the far side it was a different story. We persevered and finally he was calm on both sides (as long as I didn't throw the rope too high or near his head).

Then I decided to play circle game while I sat on the mounting block, to take some pressure away - he did a circle at walk with just a point of the finger. Then he came in and lowered his head to my lap and hid his face in my knees for a bit, then licked my hand. I gave him another carrot after a long rest and think, and we ended it there.

Then I asked Garbo to play - he decided to eat Maraschino's halter (or more like use it as tooth floss)...
We saddled up and went into the round pen - he came over and positioned himself when I stood on the mounting block which is a first.

We did some more follow the rail at trot and half circles of canter (up hill) and for the first time I was able to put my thumb under my bum, and move my arms like the canter stride, and - for the first time I felt my legs relax and release the canter grip they normally have! It was great.

Sadly the ride was cut short due to a beat up old hoon car heading down the neighbours race making a real racket, Garbo was distracted so I got off and finished up there. It was still a great result. I gave him the rest of the carrots.

This is Garbo standing at liberty while I unsaddle.


Cilla said...

wow how M has grown. he is no longer a gangly baby lol. scary in the round pen when they go RB eh!
tell me how you manage to put your thumb under your bum and move your arms at same time !? lol x
p.s. your posts are updating automatically again, yay!

Vicki said...

oh yes, it was tricky I tell you - had to tie my reins to my hackamore! (one arm doing each thing lol)

yes, scary in round pen with RB!! Only that he would injure trying to jump out/through! lol

Twinnie said...

Isn't it great when you start to 'get it' at the canter!!