Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another ride at Jools

I had arranged to meet up with a colleague who lives locally, for a ride at Jools. It was quite a windy day but so sheltered down in the arena with all the trees surrounding it.

Garbo took 25 minutes to load, and it wasn't pretty - well not as bad as it has been in the past, no running off or anything but basically would get everything except Zone 5 in - he had a good sniff around the inside though during this time.

Since my friend didn't know where to go I knew she would be waiting on the road for me, so even though I kept saying to Garbo there was no rush - he knew better of course. In the end I led him on and ducked under the divider so I could exit via the personal access door and George did the back divider up for me. Coming home he actually loaded fine and it was Tracey's horse that wouldn't load. Funny.

Well - the ride itself was a little more tense than the other day with Bronwyn. my friend has quite a straight horse and she rode it round the arena like a show jumper does, quite alot of canter, kind of forward seat, so I didn't feel ready to canter immediately. I got on and Garbo started trotting around the rail then at the corner he offered canter - how funny.

After a while I relaxed enough to ask for canter and we did 3/4 of the arena! So that was an improvement (without changing back to trot). All on a loose rein. My friend wanted to try it too (what I was doing but her horse went right brain when she loosened off the contact and started speeding up.)

How interesting.

Afterwards we went for a small ride round the property - this is Garbo and I attempting to close the gate - we can open them ok - this one kept swinging open before I cold grab the latch.

We are planning a beach ride on Friday - I have some visiting Germans who sell my Kiwi Cowboy Courses coming over and I am taking them and Garbo to Muriwai to meetJulie with her course participant this week plus two extra horses for the Germans so that will be 5 horses all together so I think Garbo will be fine. I have not been to the beach for over 4 years, and not since starting Parelli - so it will be interesting.

I was really nervous at the beginning of the week but probably more nervous about loading so will try tonight again. Then I keep visualising a calm ride at walk and I feel better too. Fingers crossed for us.

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