Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Walk up the road in the wind

This photo was taken the other night after they had finished their dinners - waiting for me to open the gates. Very patiently!

I took Garbo out for a walk today - since we are going out on Friday.
We went further than we had before - I didn't do much - just had the 12ft line and kept him at the end of it - he walked on the grass - I walked on the gravel. I asked him to stop and back up a few times. When we got to the point where we had not been before it has really big tall pines trees - it's still windy here so they creak a bit - he was a bit on edge but a couple of back ups later to some really long grass and he was fine.

On the way back we trotted and walked and backed up - with me in Z3 on the end of the 12ft - which was quite cool - not done that before.

Maraschino had had a poo by the fence while waiting but other than that he was calm - I brought him back some long grass and carrot weed.

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Cilla said...

Nice to find yourself doing something new eh. I get such disapproving looks at the yard because I let Lizzie be at the end of the line and not close to me. I drive her all over the yard sometimes 22' away. Freaks people out and they think she is loose till they see me come round the corner all those feet away lol!