Monday, November 2, 2009

Track ride with Garbo's sis

Garbo's sister came over for a visit today, Bronwyn and I wanted to just go for a quiet ride around the property.

When Critey arrived Garbo knew instantly and when she appeared around the corner the other two boys also got excited - most notably - Coco - who started cresting his neck and parading around her and trying to small her back end! I am SURE he thinks he is a big horse - never mind that Critey is 4 times his size!

While Bronwyn was getting her tack I noticed that Critey was shaking and mentioned it to Bronwyn. She said she thought it was anticipation and she gets it when she goes on the hunt too. I said that I would want her to be calmer before getting on and she admitted having to do it in the saddle previously.

I asked if it would be ok if I did some stuff with her online. We put the 22ft line on and I backed her up - she licked and chewed and looked at me instead of out to the paddocks and neighbouring farms. I kept an eye on her pulse which was racing, and soon enough she calmed down and licked and chewed. It only really took 5 minutes. Then I asked her out on a circle and she did it really well - moving her FQ was as hard as Garbo used to me and I noticed she holds her breath and does big swallows like Garbo does - it was like working with Garbo two years ago.

Then we went for a nice leisurely ride around the track a few times in between the showers. After that I showed her that she could do lots of things to increase Critey's confidence like backing her into Garbo's stall (Garbo didn't like that very much he was pawing the ground while she was in there).

Then we let them go into the middle paddock while I made us a coffee. I left Maraschino and Coco in the track. The trotted around a bit and Garbo was chasing Coco and Maraschino away if they tried to say hello to Critey.

Then after about 30 mins Critey had to go and Garbo was so sad - he was calling out and gazing up at the gate for her for about 2 hours afterwards. Awwwww.

They just looked gorgeous together. I left my darn camera in the house. Next time I shall take some photos.

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Kris said...

Hi Vicky!
Nice blog! You're a wiz with the videos! Could you send me a link to any posts (especially with pics) about your track?

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