Monday, November 9, 2009

My Audition Scorecard

I recently requested my L2 Audition Scorecard and they emailed it to me (after my friend got hers and I loved how it was broken down so you could really see what you needed to work on the most).

This is it (Freestyle).

Relationship (the marks are the level I achieved in each area)
Expression - 2++
Rapport - 2++
Respect - 2++
Impulsion - 3 (and everyone used to say he was a lazy horse!)
Flexion - 2++
Technical - 2+
Technique - 2+
Assertiveness - 2++
Focus - 3

Friendly - 2+
Porcupine - 2++
Driving - 2++
Yo-Yo - 3 (Go Garbo!)
Circling - 2 (oh dear)
Sideways - 2++
Squeeze - 2+
Overall Feel - 2++
Mounting - 2+

Focus - 2++
Feel - 2++
Timing - 2++
Balance - 2++

Awesome relationship! For using the mounting block treat it as a squeeze game - where your horse puts himself in position rather than you taking the block to him. Increased your scored on your fluidity - you go with your horse nicely especially at he canter and over the jump. Remember, your squeeze game is stop, turn, face and wait"

I was blown away by that last comment. After starting riding lessons for the first time 6 years ago, I have up until I received this, felt like a beginner rider. Well no more!


Twinnie said...

Great to read your scorecard again - it is so nice to have!!

Maraschino REALLY reminds me of how Cam used to be, horsenality wise - (I'd forgotten how extreme she was at times...)and still can beon occasion....

Cilla said...

lovely photo Vicki! i am glad you no longer feel like a beginner x