Sunday, November 15, 2009

DVDs having stuff added

Can I have an apple? Isn't he adorable. He has to really stretch to get his chin over the gate.

When I was at the Parelli Celebration in Sydney last year Linda was encouraging us to watch our DVDs over and over, because she said, they have information added to them while they are sitting on our shelves.

Well today - she was right (of course!).

I watched DVD 5 in Level 2 - preparation for Changes of Direction at Liberty and preparation for transitions.

You would have thought I had not seen it before - it was like watching completely new footage!

And - it was just what I am needing right now.

She also covered tagging the horse if they have not left the quadrant 12 o'clock to 3 o'clock after a looooong phase 1. Again - exactly what I am needing right ow to get Garbo's out farther on the circle.

It also showed a Left Brain Horse crowding her - exactly what Garbo does - she said that an unconfident horse feels more comfortable with you close and in Zone 3 if he is worried about coming in to you - exactly what Garbo has been doing. She said you need to do what ever it takes when they do that to make them relaxed again. I guess it's also being able to distinguish that from the dominant horse trying to get you to be ineffective. But given his breathing is fast and he looks worried when he does it - I'd say I have asked too aggressively or too fast.

Everything on Valium.

So - tomorrow I am going to do everything with a long phase 1 and a quick 2,3,4.

Seeing the change of direction again was really helpful too - Linda actually holds the end of the rope (the leather) and walks backwards until horse looking at her then walks in to resend. Even if horse stops and looks at her - no problem. No carrot stick either.

I watched the Savvy Club DVD on falling leaf again too.

Seeing the 'how to' for carrot stick downwards transitions with Allure was great too - going to try that tomorrow too.

It's been windy and drizzly on and off today...the boys were laying low out of the wind this morning.

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Cilla said...

Coco is sooooo cute! What a transformation! x