Sunday, March 1, 2009

Play Sunday

Today I decided to do an self assessment check of some of the tasks on the L2 checklist.

I got Garbo in and gave him a groom. Maraschino just stood nearby in Garbo's yard or by the gate gazing at us, I told him he was next.

I checked on our Extreme Friendly Game and Helicopter at Zone 3 and Zone 5, Garbo was like - what are you doing? but nothing to bad - he didn't move and I reassured him by having my hand on him, so all good! (mental tick in the box).

I (for some reason) decided to get on Garbo bareback and the washbay....I had the savvy string round his neck. We had a bit of an extended conversation about mounting from the fence, as soon as I got on the top rail he walked off! We got there in the end. I had to be a bit assertive and say actually I want you to stand here while I get on. Please. Thank you.

Once on I tried to turn using the carrot stick and Garbo was not having any of that. Hmmmm - how interesting. I managed to get back up with the CS in the end - to the point where anytime he saw the carrot stick in his peripheral vision he would back up. Funny - you have to laugh.

I got off and we worked on our travelling circles at trot after some touch it (point A to Point B on 22ft). Once we started travelling circles Garbo decided we were playing touch it. Again all you can do is laugh. I would be walking forward and he would be circling behind me and suddenly I feel the rope taut and he's trying to touch the jump stand with lots of focus and intent.

We then tried some cloverleaf, or figure S's - basically walking backwards (me) while I changed direction at each half circle. Garbo was really good at it.

I really concentrated on keeping Garbo out on the 22ft line, and not letting him just come in when he felt like it.

He did really well so we kept it short.

Next I got Maraschino and we just worked on some porcupine game and of course friendly with the CS and rope as he is still jumpy with that. I was stroking him with the CS and SS and he was still and sleepy looking and suddenly he jumped like he had gone a bit introverted. His hind end is a ball and his front end a chair....that's a LB trait... hmmm - how interesting.

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