Thursday, March 19, 2009

Figure 8 at trot finally

Persistent and patience paid off today. I started on the ground and made sure Garbo knew what the driving game on Zone 1 with CS meant. He did. So on I got and started cloverleaf, making each turn with my eyes, then body, then rein, then stick... just at walk...

We rested at X, and tried again. After a few times we went round the rail again at walk and he started pretending to see scary things in the maize again. I wasn't feeling confident enough to deal with it so we went back to clover leaf. He got a few bonks on the nose when he wouldn't turn away from the gate (back to barn). Eventually he got it and we managed a whole pattern without using the stick and not much rein.

Then I thought we would try figure 8. I think I have been making the figure 8 too close together (the two ends) so I used the tire for one and a cone which was quite a way away. Initially it was a mess and I had to use the carrot stick alot, but after about what seemed like 20 goes he settled into the pattern at trot and so did I! I felt like we were barrel racing LBI style!

I have finally realised I just haven't been riding enough - I have been doing something once and moving on (or not) and not getting the hours under the saddle so to speak. Today made a real difference - instead of worrying if he was bored or unmotivated I decided to make it his job to stay on the pattern and stay in the gait.

I even got my carrot stick under control!

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