Tuesday, March 10, 2009

L2 Online Audition filming

I started setting up the paddock with all the obstacles. It was blowing from the southwest quite strongly. I only had one stake for the tarp so I had to use hay bales for the other three corners so I started wheel-barrowing the old hay bales into the paddock and Garbo started snacking on them!

I then got Garbo in to give him a brush and get all the knots out of his tail before his big debut.

I decided to have a practise run and it took me 15 minutes so I decided to just film it and see how we went. It was a bit of a disaster. I had a jacket on and Garbo presumed (correctly) there were treats in the pocket so he didn't move any further than a few feet away from me the whole time. The figure 8 was around cones and he he kept standing on them, missing them, circling me instead... then we kept getting the rope tangled in his legs and my carrot stick weilding was less than impressive. Good grief!

So - I stopped and George said it was pretty good... I had a think and decided to re-film. Took my jacket off to see how that would go and put the treats on the barrels and the tarp.

Much better!! The whole thing went much more smmothly and we got it in under 10 minutes!

I am working on a small version for the blog... watch this space.

This is what we did;
  • sideways over a pole, sideways without a fence
  • stick to me trot, stop, back up, and over a jump
  • pedastal - two feet and all four
  • umbrella opening and closing
  • Figure 8 trot
  • travelling circles with change of direction
  • trot over a hill
  • Over tarp
  • Through two barrels (squeeze)
  • backwards by tail

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