Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day One Savvy Celebration

Pat and Honey

Arrived in Sydney after having to catch the early flight (getting up at 4am) and just in time to find a seat and hear Pat talking in his opening talk.

It was the Savvy Spotlight today. People and their horses in the 4 different savvys. All of the horses were RB and trying to leave every opportunity they could with 2000 predators watching them. It was sad as some had come on a 5 day road trip with their horse just to do it.

This lady had an awesome Palomino and she was going to get him to jump fire but the horse had other ideas.

The only negative thing I think the savvy spotlights do is make people a little direct line. Of course the people who were not direct line and just waited and did patterns with their horse to fix it got a higher mark for their relationship. It was inspiring to see some of these people get blue, green and black ribbons when I looked at them at times and thought - I could do that. (not all but some).

The key message today has been they are now marking for relationship first over everything else.

OK more soon plus photos - have to go find a toothbrush and toothpaste and there is NOTHING in or around this hotel. Still nice bed so all good.

I stood about 2ft away from Pat, and about 4 from Linda last night at the VIP get together. But there were always more outgoing people (RBE's) in front or ahead of me getting in there just as I would think the time was right - so I have not actually spoken to them yet - but Vicki - lets not get direct line about this- it's not about meeting them!! Just to be this close is awesome. About 2000 people here I guess. Thought there would be more.

Anyway - need brekky - there was only shit food yesterday - and shit soy coffee - but that's better then no soy coffee anyday.

Oh - I gave my L2 DVD online audition to Carol Coppinger!!!!!

Ah - got back to the hotel so pleased with myself for having the guts to take it on the day and ask the right people if I could hand it in - and found the actual DVD in my laptop - I have given her an empty jewel case.... arrggghhhh - my turn to get direct line to try and remedy this today!

Wish me luck.

ps I can't upload photos yet - will do the photos at the airport on Monday. (crap internet here with download only in the hotel).

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cilla said...

good luck getting that dvd in!