Friday, March 20, 2009

Email from Carol Coppinger

Thanks for submitting your Audition. I am now back in the US and realizing that all of the e-mail I sent while I was in Australia was not kept. This means I was not sure if I had sent you your results! You passed your OnLine with Level 2++!

So just in case:

In reviewing your Audition it was obvious that you have a wonderful relationship. You had several areas that were level 3 quality. To continue and keep improving now you want to focus on getting more distance between you and the horse and allow the horse to have his responsibility. This means you standing still and allowing the horse to circle and start thinking towards the center. As you are getting this going you may have to allow him to circle for 30 laps before the rhythm, relaxation and contact really gets solid. This will set you up for level 3 and level 4! Also the Patterns are a vital part of growing and moving into those upper levels.

Looking GREAT!!!

You should get your certificate in a few weeks.

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