Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Maize gone

The maize got harvested today so I decided I would try Garbo on the follow the rail again - there would be no boogy monsters imagined in the maize. Well he stopped every couple of steps and I just patted him and off we went again, stopped again, off again, stopped again, patted him, explained all the maize was gone so it looked all different again. Off we would walk. Got round one lap fine in the end - even stopping to eat grass a few times.

I also tried the other way and he did a little spook at the same spot - you know I really think he is having me on. I asked him to carry on using phase 4 and off we went.

After that we tried some figure 8 trot - it wasn't great but wasn't terrible. The uneven ground and long hooves perhaps are not helping - I dunno.

We got up on the pedastal!

I am looking forward to my lesson. Also trying to think of ways round this. Without putting my confidence in danger.

Off to the forest tomorrow with Bronwyn and Critey - he will like that.

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