Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 2 SSC

Another full day today. I have just come back to the hotel to get some proper food - the dance is tonight - there was a big thunderstorm just as it ended today so I thought it won't matter if I am late back...

I labelled my DVD this morning and then today I found Carol again and gave it to her and she said "oh I am glad you found me - they (Linda and co) are looking at it now", and pointed to the sound box "but it was missing" - Oh I said and gulped, she said she would take it over to them. Here's me thinking she was just taking it back to USA and that it would most likley get lost in her luggage. I think that was the initial plan but she must have mentioned she had received it to someone.

Then at the same time before she got there, Neil Pye said over the PA that someone last night had come up all excited about the new auditions and handed in their audition - and they had watched it and they couldn't see anything wrong so far - because it was empty - lol - and could I find the dvd if I have it and hand it in.... OMG...

Then about 10 minutes later Hana said she saw Linda and Carole watching it- OMG.

How exciting!!!! How scary!!

So I haven't heard anything yet - but fingers crossed. Cool huh!!

Oh - then we in the breaks we could queue up and get book signings signings or whatever one at a time - I queued for Linda - and I said "I just want to say thank you" and she said "that really means alot!" and she smiled that lovely smile of hers and put her hand on my arm. I told her I had only been riding for about 4 years but that now my confidence is so much better..... - she told me a bit about the fear articles in the Savvy Mag and the next savvy club dvd....and how traditional methods of teaching and riding can knock the confidence out of you. She is so lovely. You really get the feeling that they really do care.

Today Pat worked a bit more with Honey the rescue Palomino and she is coming along really well. He did the beginnings of what he called 're-naturalisation' where he did what a mare would do with her foal and directed the horse alot, told her how fast or slow to walk and which way and when to stop etc. That really seemed to make Honey more confident.

And that's not on zoom either - that's how close I am - front row.

Linda then did a segment with a Right Brain Introvert and a Left Brain Introvert so we could see the difference in what she did and the horse as well. I learnt quite alot about doing less and going slower, like getting the LBI to walk really slowly.

I am waiting for my room service dinner - they said it wouldn't be too long but it's been ages.

This lady was amazing - rode her horse in a cherokee bridle only.... she got a L4 ribbon.

Update - went to the dance and Pat played electric guitar with the band and Linda's sister sang, and her and her other sister sung back up (for one song). It was great - line dancing and all and seeing that cowboys certainly can dance!

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