Sunday, March 15, 2009

The last day

Well today was the last day and by the last session which started at 4pm I was completely knackered. I have just come back to the hotel and ordered a pizza, ate two pieces and now I feel a bit better. Although I have to get up at 4am.

Pat worked again with Honey and it was so amazing to see how brave and curious she was today and she tried so so hard to do what Pat wanted... asking questions and going on the tarp and the pedastal, and in the trailer. Her new steward was announced and she will be returning with Honey at the next conference so everyone can see the progress she has made.

Then Linda did a lesson with a cowboy on Finesse. In a western saddle and cowboy hat she showed us how easy it was to get finesse. Well I say easy - Justin the student made it look easy, he looked like a dressage rider, and his horse looked amazing - and all effortless. Linda has been training with Walter Zettel who also disagrees with the way modern dressage is heading (or at in fact) especially the Rollkur. I hope to be able to acheive Finesse one day soon. Linda said she will be sharing more with us on the Savvy Club over the next year or two. was launched today - the same guy that developed Mozilla - so I am off to register.

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