Friday, March 27, 2009

Coco the brave

I had to put Coco and the boys in the stalls today while the digger was here and I decided it was a great time to have some undemanding time with Coco. The poor thing was not very calm initially as the digger was making lots of noise as he tried to shake out the clay from the bucket. Eventually he calmed down as did the others and I sat at the front of his stall so my back and bottom was in his stall but not my head or legs.

I felt his breath on my back giving me a real good sniff all over, then up my my neck, then he started licking my back (my top) - it was so cute and such a big break through.

I spent the day giving them carrots and apples and watching them snooze.

During the times the digger was busy just digging and not coming towards them, I washed my saddle blanket (finally) and dried it and put the inserts back in, washed and dried all my ropes, cleaned the brushes, combed Maraschinos mane, and swept the washbay!

Don't you love his mane.


Skinfaxa said...

Extremely cute ;o)

Amanda said...

OMG that is so cute!!!!

Amanda said...