Friday, March 20, 2009

Figure 8 again

Well my darling husband shot this without me knowing (focus hey!) and Garbo was actually going ok at the time bit 80% of the ride was a bit of a battle.

errr... right please Garbo
The photos actually look better than it felt. It was quite frustrating and he wouldn't stay on any pattern... I tried to end on a good note after about 30 minutes (we walked the pattern) and then I decided to put him online instead.

Carol Coppinger emailed me again today - thinking I didn't get the email on Sunday and said "In reviewing your Audition it was obvious that you have a wonderful relationship. You had several areas that were level 3 quality. To continue and keep improving now you want to focus on getting more distance between you and the horse and allow the horse to have his responsibility. This means you standing still and allowing the horse to circle and start thinking towards the center. As you are getting this going you may have to allow him to circle for 30 laps before the rhythm, relaxation and contact really gets solid. This will set you up for level 3 and level 4! Also the Patterns are a vital part of growing and moving into those upper levels."

So - I decided to keep Garbo trotting on the circle for 30 laps. Then 30 laps the other way! Each time he walked I would ask him back up to trot. If he came in without me inviting him in the 30 laps started over! He came in twice on the first direction and once on the right. He was completely knackered (he will sleep well tonight) but you know what - he was definitely in a nice rhythm and relaxed at the end. At the beginning he was running faster away from the maize (I decided to do it over by the maize), and would slow to walk going towards the maize, and would look out towards the maize on the maixe side of the circle.

So by the end he wasn't worried about the maize - so I really felt like I achieved something sensational - 30 laps at trot!!! OMG.

So I will let him have two days off, or one depending on the weather on Sunday, since today was Day 4 or riding! And on Sunday or Monday I will try the follow the rail again.

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cilla said...

that certainly looks like hard work in the video but great to see all the same.
30 laps!! phew thats incredible. Garbo really will sleep well after that eh. i hope he hasnt told Lizzie about this lol.