Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Forest ride - gorgeous day

It was clear blue sky and cool air today - a wonderful day for a ride. He loaded perfectly both ways and we were early but he was very cruisy while we waited.

And look - here's Critey... don't they look similar?

Because Garbo was a bit fitter this time, after last week, he had a wee bit more energy than the past few rides. We had a long trot which was really nice and a small canter at the beginning. On the way home we cantered up Andreas Hill and he jumped two parts that were ditches on a hill under tree roots (if you get the idea), and then about half way up I could feel he wanted to crank it up a gear but I wasn't ready. He did a little head down kind of 'let me' buck but I asked him back to walk and he stopped. Bronwyn was very impressed that we were back at walk calmly - without a bit.

He was completely covered in sweat after an hour and we had a nice 10 minute cool down walk back.

In the car park were two Halfinger (sp?) palominos!!
4 Palominos in one carpark.

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