Thursday, March 26, 2009

Canter circle

We had yet another day or blue sky and no wind today. And no rain forecast in the near future. Which is great because tomorrow a digger is coming to dig a long trench in the boys paddocks so they will be in the yards most of the day.

Today I decided that Garbo needed to be able to canter more than 5 laps of canter on the circle (22ft) without changing gait - so that he can develop some balance and rhythym and relaxation. Well we got 3/4 of a lap at the most - the rest of the time he trotted and I suppose we did about 10 minutes all up, he would canter on the same half and stop in the same half. During one ask he did a buck after a spurt of energy so that was interesting.

We will try again tomorrow!

After that I asked Garbo back on the tire (it's really high) and he put both feet up there and stood there for ages checking out the view!! I was so pleased since I screamed and scared him off the last time. I gave him a carrot. I was a bit worried how he would get off but decided that he would know the best way and just started walking off and he backed up and jumped off that way. Clever boy.

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