Monday, August 29, 2011

Heading home

I'm on the plane from Denver to LAX. I managed to get earlier flights from Durango, then Denver, so that I have more time in LAX for my flight from there to home. Looking out the window, it's very dry, red and barren looking.

Reflecting on my time in America, the longest time away from my husband, and animals, I feel it's been an amazing trip, well worth the money and time, and planning.

I'm heading home with more tools and knowledge, plus more experience and new friends and mentors. Even more than that I'm heading home with my Level 3 string which is just awesome. I'm looking forward to working on Level 4, and starting Finesse and continuing my progress with the Game of Contact. It seems like there was a tonne of filming going on at the ranch while I was there, both for Game of Contact and Trail riding which is pretty awesome. I'll be looking forward to seeing those.

I'm going to see my horses (and my husband) at about 6.30am Tuesday NZ time (about 1pm Monday Pagosa time), and I'll be taking it easy for the day. Later in the week I'll be looking forward to riding again and playing with both my boys.

I want to thank;
Pat and Linda for creating such an awesome programme, and a wonderful place to learn, and for the teaching system in place to make it happen.
Pete (Dancin Pete Rodda) for leading our course. We had loads of fun.
The awesome instructors; Grady my wonderful coach, Jamie, Mattie, Judi and Jane.

There's also a whole team of friends at home looking after my horses, my grass and yards and keeping everything in order and the horses in their routines. Without them I could never have gone, so thanks guys.

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Twinnie said...

So pleased you got your green string - well done!