Saturday, September 3, 2011

First play post Flex Track

Well I got to play with my two big boys today for the first time since I got home. After giving them all a good groom because they are moulting like crazy! Especially Coco. It's really strange, after two weeks with Heart my boys seem HUGE. You'd think she would have seemed small since I have been around my guys longer than two weeks, but she didn't.

Grady showed me how to do Falling Leaf at the Flex Track, one night after dinner because I missed the workshop due to getting the Parelli Saddle fitted. He said Falling Leaf was for Dominant Horses and Backwards S was for Unconfident horses. So can you figure out which one I did which with today?

Garbo has always used Falling Leaf (attempts) by me to push into me and stop me walking forward, but I had new tools today. I had to separate, isolate and work on disengage for a little bit, then start over. But by the end he was getting the hand of it without over-reacting and trotting or cantering. He started blowing out and lowering his head.


I also worked on drawing him from a circle in preparation for Change of Direction (the new and improved version), because he assumes - that I am sending him the other way.

Then of course practicing my belly button focus I took him back and grabbed Mr Maraschino.

We did backwards S which he was pretty good about, and then he got to witness my new way of doing Figure 8 - focussing, not leading - it's so awesome - we didn't have any cones but I had imaginary ones I was focussing on. Gosh at one point I upped my energy a bit and he jumped off all 4's!

I am loving having so many more ingredients to work on.
Measured them both for saddles and they came out as Standard!!??

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Twinnie said...

What a lovely day!! Tried to comment on today's blog but it wouldn't let me....