Sunday, September 4, 2011

Still cold but we played again

It's turned quite chilly but I got out and gave the boys another brush to try and get rid of some more winter hair. Then I worked on getting the boys to pick up their feet from a less than phase 1 - snapping fingers...

George came up the driveway with me and held which ever horse I wasn't playing with.

Maraschino was a little jumpy so we did some half circles with a disengage at the fence, then some figure 8's which he does beautifully even at trot. Then circle - today he had so much suspension while on the trot circle and also flexion it was amazing - looked amazing. Sorry I didn't get a photo.

With Garbo we did Falling Leaf again - he wasn't pushing into me so much today. Yay. Progress.

Then we let them have some grass and hopped them on the pedestal on the way by. Then I showed George how to do the On The Barn Halter knot.

Garbo has his ears back because Coco was backed up to about 2 inches from his back end - he was not impressed. When I am cleaning out their hooves, Coco backs right up to me and bumps into me for a scratch.

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