Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday Funday

My friend Jane arrived last night so I dragged her out of bed at 6.30am and we headed to the ranch via my coffee shop. I did Heart's pen and then we headed off to Ignacio (45mins) to the cutting competition Pat and Caton were in. It was great to see so up close and personal, and something we wouldn't really get to see at home. Jane's going to be cutting her cows with Rafiki when she gets home lol.

We called into the supermarket on the way home, along with everyone else in Pagosa I think. We stocked up and came back to the apartment for lunch. Checked emails and went back to the ranch. I played online with Heart initially, on the 45 since I don't have the 22ft at the moment, and I miss it so. Should have a new one tomorrow.

I tried the figure 8 that Pete showed us on Friday and it was AWESOME. So excited about that. Worked a little on sideways, yoyo with an obstacle in zone 5, and jumping off the high side of the cross country jump, not the highest side though, but not the lowest.

She was unsure about the tire so we'll revisit that. I also tried my new changes of direction on 45 and they were still good - thanks Grady!

Then I thought we would do some Liberty, I worked on getting her relaxed at canter stick to me, once I did, we stopped. We also did circle trot, change of direction, and sideways. Yay.

Pattie kindly lent me her Isabella saddle for tomorrow, so I'll see how that fits then.

Mucked out pen and came home, got here at 7pm.
It's been thunder, lightning and rain for the last hour, amazing. You know what that means though don't you. I'm gonna have one very dirty horse in the morning.


Shaun, Buzz and Dottie said...

Glad Jane has arrived safely. Goodness so much fun stuff to learn. Have a great time together. Hana

Twinnie said...

It was really good fun watching the cutting - wow you need glue in your saddle tho! Don't hink I'll be trying that in the fluidity!

Enjoying sharing Vicki's lovely apartment! Thanks for all the driving Vicki when my brain was so befuddled!