Sunday, August 21, 2011

Parelli Games

Today the Games started at 8.50am. I was a little nervous, but not too bad. Heart was checking it all out.

First was online, we had to complete the 5 tasks in 3 minutes. The goat went first lol. Pat bought the goat a couple of weeks ago and he's learning the 7 games, Anna the external looks after him.

First we did sideways, bum to fence, that went ok.

Then yo yo over a pole from chair, she said, you don't realise there is a pole there Vicki, don't worry I'll dodge it lol.

Circle, from chair, we got trot, and change of direction.

I ran out of time for the last task, man that went quick. My hands were shaking afterwards. Good practice for me. Emotional fitness!

Next was liberty. How clean does she look!! Only took an hour!

We had to do stick to me, any gait, we did trot, and a great stop!

She couldn't do the sideways over a carrot stick, it probably said something about not having my butterflies in formation!

Next was porcupine the length of the pole, and lead back.

I chose lead by chin.

Then put the tarp on the horse for 7 seconds, she made that look pretty easy.

And we were done, oh we also did squeeze from standing in a frisbee.

Then I got this shot of Leigh doing her freestyle. I decided not to ride as Hearts back is a bit sore.

Then Karen had a shot at Liberty, with her lovely Percheron cross.

Spotlights were next, Ines did a fab job. She took her saddle and bridle off from sitting on her horse!

Then came our instructors, this is showman Pete.

Oh - and a shot of the goat doing it's liberty lol.

We then got our ribbons, in the Parelli games everyone who enters gets a ribbon, the level of the tasks you did. You had the potential of earning 20 points for each task. So if you missed one, you lost 20 points from your potential total score.
So you are only ever competing against yourself.

I got a Blue Level 2 ribbon for online and Green Level 3 for Liberty. Considering I had not played with her at Liberty before I was really really pleased.


Shaun, Buzz and Dottie said...

What a fun day. At first I thought you made a spelling mistake re the goat. Well done on the ribbons. Lol.

Malgosia i Mentos said...

Gosh, you are a brave girl that after such bussy days you still find some energy left to write it all for us. Thx!