Saturday, August 27, 2011

Last day - so sad

It was very hard saying goodbye to our team and our wonderful instructors. It was a wonderful last day for many reasons (apart from having to leave). We started at 8am going over all the highlights.

Then we split up into our Remuda's with our personal coach and got our scorecard. We get graded on EVERYTHING... from Attitude, Emotional Fitness, Physical Fitness, Social Skills, team-man-ship, Horse Husbandry and care, and overall savvy. As well as online, tool savvy, liberty, and freestyle. And theory of course!

In a loo break Ryan and Pete had a tug of war with a 45ft on buckets, as you do!

I was super stoked - I found out I got an 89% on the theory test at the beginning and 100% yesterday.

Then all of the instructors spoke about their experience in being our coaches. it was very emotional to see how much they care about us.

For a break we did some savvy simulations throwing carrot sticks. That was pretty fun. I learnt how to throw and catch it!

At 12.30 they took us into to classroom and played us a video they had made of our week one testing compared to week 2, it was awesome.

We were back on the porch, which I remember seeing in the old Level 2 DVD which was pretty cool.

We did a team building exercise, with a Helium carrot stick.... Really interesting....;-)

Then it was awards time. Anyone that had improved enough to gain a Level, was called up and given a string. I was called up and it was very hard not to cry because I got my Level 3!!! Everyone was so happy for me and cheered it was amazing. I'm still in shock really, so pleased!

The afternoon was very relaxed, most people were leaving and the ranch slowly emptied out. I was going to ride tomorrow but I have decided to rest up instead and maybe do a spot of shopping.

So - if you are thinking of doing this course or a Fast Track, be prepared to be busy all the time, be prepared to be physically and mentally tired, but it's something you can't get from a DVD, and the positive energy here is so amazing - I can really see how people come for one course and stay for a year!

I left Heart eating hay and made sure she had water etc, I didn't say goodbye, too sad. I hate goodbyes and hate endings lol. But this is a new beginning, my Level 4 journey!!!


Shaun, Buzz and Dottie said...

I am so pleased for you Vicki. Well done on getting your green string. Hana

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Vicki said...

Thanks xx

uh said...

Well done!!! Looking so cool :-) Congrats! :-)

Marion Princic said...

Congrats!!! and thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! have a save flight home.xx