Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 1 of Flex Track

Found my way back to Highlands Coffee Grounds for my one soy latte for the day, on the way to Parelli Campus, still got there too early and they weren't ready for us so we had to queue along the road in cars till they were.

Checked in, got our photo taken, then I transferred Heart from the mastery pen to my pen - way up the top of all the pens. I was lucky, because my horse was already there I didn't have to settle her in. She called out for her friend a little so I asked her to do a few things in the pen and she licked her lips and was fine after that. She's a true LBI, LeAnn said treats and rest.! I found her a few handfuls of hay from the pathways every time I went to see her, then I just hung out in her pen watching all the other horses arrive.

She was so sweet, she came over and rubbed on me then just hung her head in my shade next to me.

I got her some water and then we had orientation. Many were horrified to hear there was a test, guess they don't read as many blogs as me lol.

Lunch time and there was a salad bar which is basically all I had. And some nuts I had bought with me. There are as many flies here as Australia!

After lunch came the test, we had an hour, think I finished in 30 minutes, and headed out to the practical tools testing. I've done better, guess it's the pressure of being tested - BUT my 45ft rope coiling was superb!!! Both hands, even if I do say so myself. LOL. However I had not realised that I must always toss the 45ft out with my left hand, because trying to do it with my right felt very un-co!

Found out Grady is my Remuda head so that's cool, he's from Texas and a cool dude. Dancing Pete is the course Head Instructor.

Alot of the stuff we went over in the afternoon was what we get graded on. And how to be and not to be. Alot of it to be honest is already in my personality, ie don't just go and watch Pat doing something in the Big Top uninvited -gawd I would never!! Look professional - just as well I didn't pack my old riding clothes from home with Garbo slobber stains all over them, and marks where Maraschino has sucked on them lol.

At 6pm we had dinner, and those with horses new on the property went and did temps, or learnt how to, I went to see Heart, she'd eaten all her afternoon hay. It's strange that they let them then have no hay all night as the next feed isn't till morning. They get 20lbs hay a day, think she eats that in about an hour. Garbo would think his throat had been cut without hay for that long :-) .

A thunder and lightening storm was rolling in as I drove out, and it rained on the way back. I went to the grocery store and got some shampoo etc, and nugget for my boots!

Off to bed now - 8am start at the lodge tomorrow morning.

Cool photo huh.


Cilla said...

Wow! Makes little old Stoneleigh look very lush. Not much grass.
20 lbs of hay is about right but B would also think her throat had been cut.
It's all coming back to me reading your blog..I felt a bit knotted up in my stomach!! So glad maybe my blog has helped prepare you for whats to come. Heart looks sweet. Can't wait to read how you get on with her.
Hope you get more to eat than just salad and nuts. You are going to need to eat like a horse to keep your energy up!
c x

Twinnie said...

enjoyed the update!

Vicki said...

Yes Cilla it did, thanks. There's been a drought here, Dennis the chef was telling me.

Vicki said...

Ps will be fun today doing freestyle test on Heart in western saddle for first time on her. Lol.

uh said...

Really love your update, enjoy your honesty! Heart is really looking nice. Good luck for the freestyle test! :-)

Shaun, Buzz and Dottie said...

Lol your soy latte. Heart looks a real sweety. Great update. Hx

Vicki said...

Thanks guys. It went ok. :-)