Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday, one week to go

One week to fit as much as possible in. I arrived at 645am, and I stayed till 8.30pm tonight. Like I said to someone today, I'm here for this, nothing else. Not like I have anything else to do, may as well play/ride/learn. And with this view!

Ok so run down of the day. After a quick meeting in the Lodge with Fast Track students as well, we played the 7 Games Dance with Dancing Pete. He showed us how to turn the 7 games into a dance because if you have rhythm you have relaxation. It was great fun and we each had to pair up and one be the horse and one be the human, I was the human but I'd really like to try being the horse with someone too. We learned how much your belly button effects the horse and how light you can be in asking.

Then he taught us two line dances. One was Cotton Eye Joe which I tried to learn in Arizona, but he made it very simple, Spanish walk left, back up three, spanish walk right, back up three, right canter lead, right canter lead, right canter lead, left canter lead, left canter lead, left canter lead. That's it - so easy! We learned another too but I can't remember it.

Then they showed us the 7 games line dance they made up at a tour stop. Hilarious. We learned loads, I thought would hate it but it was lots of fun.

Then we had a workshop on saddle fitting and shimming which was awesome, just what I needed.

We quickly ate lunch and I went and shampooed Heart, she wasn't too dirty, surprisingly after all that rain and thunder last night.

Then we had Linda come do a Q & A, it was great, and some people asked some great questions. Lots of good stuff on LBIs as usual. She also said that the best horse human match is the same horsenality. Phew!

I raced out of there as soon as Linda and her gorgeous dogs left and I saddled up Heart with the saddle Pattie kindly lent me, it was an Isabel Worth wintec. I played a bit with her online and she seemed ok. I got on and did a few walk follow the rails in the round pen, then trot and she was blowing out quite quickly. So I was pleased about that.

We had 3 work shops - Partial Disengagement, Falling Leaf and backward S and Point to Point. I rode first with Pete in the Partial Disengagement. practised using my leg before my reins, and it went pretty well, I've done alot with Garbo. Not saying I'm perfect but it wasn't a new concept for me.

Then I rode over to the honeycomb, with Leigh and Becky, first time I've done that!!! Yay. I love it over there, such an awesome view.

We then did point to point,, I progressed to trot, another thing we have done alot of over time. At one point Heart went from trot to canter in a really nice transition, it surprised me but I just went with it.

Then I actually really wanted to see what she was like with a different saddle so I cantered round the outside of the smaller inside round pen.
So awesome to be doing that.

I raced back to the Parelli trailer to get the Parellli saddle, then back to the third workshop, but I'd missed it. Luckily it was Grady, my coach, and he said "you've come all this way (from NZ) I'll show you after dinner", how sweet is that.

So, ate quick, and got Heart and practised some liberty while we were waiting.
Had a great lesson with Grady and then did Hearts pen, by then it was 8.30.
Can't wait to try the Parelli Saddle tomorrow.

Shot this as I was leaving....


Twinnie said...

Love the pics - heart looks so happy....

Vicki said...

I'll miss her, but George just said Garbo has twigged I'm missing lol