Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rain and testing prep

This was today's line up. Yes, I know, there are spelling mistakes lol. I try not to be Left Brained Introvert and point them out, worse still, correct them.

I can do the Stockmans Bowline and The Bank Robbers knot with my eyes closed now. Jamie gave me a race with the Bank robbers knot. He only just bet me.
A hot air balloon came over while we were doing knots.

Then I worked on our falling leaf, and driving from zone 5. Oh and backwaters over a pole, plus sideways from Zone 1. We have the option of doing liberty testing tomorrow which of course I'm going to do - why not.

A deer appeared and some people panicked but I knew Heart wouldn't care. It ran through the playground, then it's mate followed. Very cute. Big ears!!

I then saddled up and did the Bow Tie focus Station. I think I've really got the concept of that now.

At 11.30 we started our theory test prep, so I got to find out which questions I got right, and which ones I didn't. Grady said I got close to 90, so me being a perfectionist I'm aiming for - you guessed it - 100% tomorrow.

Here is a cute photos from todays play.

Sadly it's all coming to end end quite quickly. But I have learned so much, and I'm still planning on riding tomorrow after testing and also on Friday.

We missed the afternoon workshops because it rained!
Big thunder storm. Cleared up in time for the BBQ and camp fire though.

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Shaun, Buzz and Dottie said...

Gosh the 2 weeks have flown by. Good luck with the tests. Hana