Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friday already

Can't believe I have nearly been here a week.

Today was amazing. This is what we did this morning - and all that was before lunch.

Plus I played with Heart before class started as well. One of my classmates Leigh texted for me to get her a coffee as she is staying on campus (I had offered), so I grabbed. Hazelnut Soy Latte for her as well on the way. When I got there Leigh told me she had mucked out Hearts pen for me in return, how nice was that!! Gave me a but more time to wash Heart before playing. Of course then all the dust just stuck to her lol.

She is so sweet and she's always asking questions like is this good enough for a cookie?

I think this was don't you?

The knots were fun, although I did know the stock mans bowline they showed an easier way to remember it.

The focus station I went to was circle. There was not alot of room as some of the Fast Trackers were in the playground too, but I worked on change of direction. Grady came and helped when I asked, because I thought Heart was getting a little upset with my changes. He suggested I use my stick first in practice for liberty, on the yo yo, and to draw more before the change so she comes and asks "what now". I can see this is exactly what's been going wrong with Garbo's changes, him getting put out. Think I have it nailed now.

We're encouraged to stop as soon as we 'get it' rather than keep practising, as we then may end up finishing on a can't do instead of a can do and guess what we remember - the last time.

Then Pete did a trailer loading demo, with an LBI, so you can imagine I got heaps out of that. Boy look out Garbo. Not in a 'get after you' way but in a way that he'll have more respect for me and we'll have more rapport.

Short break for lunch and then we got the horses ready for 3pm workshops. I noticed on Monday that Heart had a sore back, she recoils when I just groom her with a rough brush. I was grooming her and the chiropractor was there looking at another horse so he checked her for me and sure enough she has a sore poll, on one side, and a sore back, saddle area.

I can't really do much, I've emailed LeAnn to see what she'd like to do, maybe the Parelli Saddle will help next week.

First work shop was Circle Game, Jamie was taking that one, and I had a chance to try out again my new changes of direction, they worked like a dream, I almost felt as graceful as Linda Parelli looks when she does it.

The next workshop was Figure 8 and Pete showed us this fantabulous way to make it really some. I couldn't believe it really. All about focussing your Belly button and not leading, I may yet get my hand down.

Next one was follow the rail and point to point. In the Honeycomb.
We started at walk, then trot, doing indirect rein, direct rein at each cone. I was even allowed to canter! She had a fast canter so I used a bit of partial disengagement at Gradys suggestion and in the end got a nice half lap of outside rail, and a whole lap of the outside of one of the small pens.

It's the longest time I have trotted and cantered all in one ride for a while. Luckily it was a little cloudy.

Well I bet you think we have tomorrow off, nope we have Parelli Games at 8.50am.

Wouldn't have it any other way! On Sunday we are going to watch Pat and Caton in a cutting comp in Ignacio.

Guess who I got a picky of today. Cute huh!


Cilla said...

It goes by really really quick, eh?! Interesting to see the differences in the US course compared to here in the UK.
I am still very grateful I no longer have a LBI! Great to know you are having a brilliant time. Garbo is in for it when you get back. All that savvy, you and he will have a ball!
c x

Marion Princic said...

oh look at the little chipmunk, too darn cute!! thanks for your daily updates! they are awesome to read for who can´t be there :)
greetings from Sweden

Vicki said...

@Cilla, I know it's just easy how fast it goes. My muscles are no longer sore lol. How was it different to the UK one? Yes, Garbo will be in for a ralel shock lol.
@Marion- hi - thanks for taking the time to comment, nice to know you are enjoying my ramblings lol