Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Update on Coco

I haven't posted alot lately since it's been so wet we haven't done alot except UDT. I thought I would give you an update on Coco though... a Before (January 2009) and After - June 30.

  • Looking at him or facing him, or walking towards (or in fact in the general direction of him) he would walk away and face out to the edge of the paddock and often stand there then for an hour or two.
  • Offering him a treat he would try and come towards you but lose confidence and walk away as if treats and people were not relevant. Although he did seem interested in the treat initially.
  • If I waited long enough (looking away holding the treat out) he would grab it after about 5 minutes and jump away, especially if he touched my hand in error (error in his mind).
  • If I did things with the other horses he would just carry on grazing
  • He took alot of coaxing to get into his yard, and then I would have to put his bucket down and turn away and I stood up and retreat quite quickly. He would cower in one corner, and wait till I had gone before eating.
  • Looking at him doesn't bother him, I can walk up to him, around him, as long as I don't reach out (unless I have a treat) at the same time.
  • He never stands on the edge of the paddock looking out now
  • He will trot or canter up to me to get a treat and doesn't care if his muzzle touches my hand, in fact I leave it there while he eats the treat to get him comfortable with that.
  • He comes when I call him (in the hope of food!)
  • While I clean out his yard at night he comes over and tentatively sniffs my hair/face and pockets/hands.
  • I can duck under the yard rails to do his yard from the next one without him jumping away
  • I can clean up poos around him without him jumping away, he just stands there - a little nervous if I get really close
  • I can hold out my hand and pat his muzzle
  • Most days now I can reach out if he is standing relaxed and scratch his hiney for about 30 seconds (before he takes one step away).
  • He plays with Maraschino every day - they canter and trot around playing tag.
  • When I bring the boys in to the wash bay for a groom he comes running up too and stands in the washbay like a big horse as well.
All in all I think a very pleasing result so far. He is definitely innately Left Brain and definitely Introvert. I think deep down he is one very brave pony. When he is cantering around I can just see a little (gentle) child riding him having a ball.

None of my brothers and sisters have any young children and only one possible to have any now... hmmmm - oh well. Who cares.
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Twinnie said...

Fantastic progress!! Definitely the right path - you must be so pleased with taking the time it takes...

Vicki said...

Yes, very pleased, the fact I can see progress in his attitude and demeanor every week says it all. I kissed him on the nose a week ago! And he didn't jump. Haven't been able to do it again - think he thinks and processes about things that happen and then allows me again about 1-2 weeks later.