Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grass time

Took both the boys, one at a time for some grazing and playing beside the driveway. Garbo had a little jump around when I opened the gate for George (he thought we were leaving) but after that he was fine (and out of our sight) and behaving well.

Maraschino was alot braver today but still a little tense. I don't have to do anything much to move him on to the next grass spot - basically take a deep breath and up my energy and he looks up and moves forward. Garbo on the other hand goes 'say what!?'. I used the 45 again today with Garbo - if anyone reading this has broken theirs in - did you use gloves the first time you 'played'?

Got some 24ft-30ft sideways (thanks for that Jane)... I didn't take the carrot stick so the other end of the 45 worked well to remind his hind end to move over. Next time I'll take the stick too.

Back to Maraschino - we did a little circle, driving, yo yo up hill, and touch it.

So - a short play - but better than nothing right.!

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