Friday, June 5, 2009

Parelli day

Check out the ice on the yards this morning.

It was very much a Parelli day today.

I got home to find my Level 2 Graduate Parelli Certificate and Blue String - woohoo, and then I got the E-News Parelli email and saw my submission.

Took Garbo grazing again, then groomed him, then after Maraschino walking away twice from the halter he finally decided to stick his nose in the halter and I cleaned out his feet - always a challenge but getting better.

I left them out tonight with hay - it's been freezing, literally, this last week but tonight's going to be a balmy 5 degrees, and Maraschino looked as though he had done laps of the yard through all his poos last night so thought I would give him a night out.


Twinnie said...

Fantastic!! Must be great to have that blue string...BIG congratulations!

Are you going to use it or keep it pristine and display it somewhere?

It was icy on Friday, wasn't it. Maraschino looks snuggly warm tho!

Vicki said...

Think I might get one of those framed displays - just have to check how much they are...they look great... or I might show the pictures of them to our framer guy.