Friday, June 19, 2009

Teleseminar question

I had submitted a question about the best approach with Coco, to Pat and Linda for the last Tele-seminar - they didn't get to it but assurred us all un-answered questions would be answered by the faculty.

Got my reply today.

Sounds like you have done a great thing in rescuing your new friend Coco! What you are describing is an untame horse. He has lost trust in the human touching him, just like a child who will shy away from someone who has been abusive. Pat calls this "unpetable". So, the taming process (or retaming in his sense because it's about undoing the old negative patterns and reinstalling positive ones) is where you should start.

This isn't always easy, and requires a great deal of feel, timing and balance. If you feel ready you can take your time doing it, but I would actually recommend a Parelli Professional to help with it. If you are in New Zealand, both Russell Higgins and Jackie Chant are wonderful. The reason I recommend a professional is because it can be dangerous and you could instil more negative patterns if you were just a bubble off in your savvy.

Yeah well - Jackie and Russell don't really do lessons and they live hours away - it's not like we have a Parelli Professional on demand in NZ really is it. Sure they squeeze in the odd lesson around the rare Auckland clinic, but wouldn't it be nice to say how bout Sunday?!

The thing is - I have to be able to catch him and halter him to do any of this.... and I guess what I wanted to know was do I do what ever it takes to do that, with the goal of spending a few hours on line after that 're-naturalising' him, or do I wait and use approach and retreat to gradually build his trust at liberty, and then halter him.

Phew... my brain hurts thinking about it.


Cilla said...

Yep, that's a tough one. x

Twinnie said...

Hmm, kind of not the answer you wanted then...

You have made amazing progress from what I've seen,in a relatively short time, and Coco is definitely progressing,so isn't he giving you some feedback/answers??

I'd be very pleased and flattered if I were you...

How does it go -is it ask a lot accept a little and reward often,and 'everything means something'??
if you can't get help (from Jackie or Russel (and no chance over winter...) is taking the time it takes the next best option?

I think you are doing an amazing job - think back to how he was when you got him - only you know what real progress you've made.

Vicki said...

thanks Jane - yes, I think I'll just keep on keepin on and continue with what I have been doing - little by little building his trust. :-)

Connima said...

i agree with Jane but why don't you contact them again and explain the situation. Russ and Jackie being in UK for 2 -3 months.

Hope you enjoying living in the "big house".

Lisa said...

Okay, I know I'm a complete stranger and this is coming out of the blue . . . but here's a thought: What if this horse/pony were your mother, daughter, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend? And you wanted to spend time with them and have them enjoy it? Would you wrestle them into the car in the hopes they would enjoy the movie and learn to like being with you? Or would you develop their desire to get in the car themselves?

Vicki said...

Thanks Lisa - don't get me wrong - I have had him for 6 months now and we have gone from him walking away, jumping away everytime I turned my energy towards him, to him cantering up to me to get a treat from my hand, so we are doing great!

I have taken this long to get this far so I can't be said to be 'rushing'. I just have in the back of my mind that his teeth and feet are overdue etc etc.. you know all the other stuff.