Saturday, June 20, 2009

Grooming time

The sun finally came out and stayed out near the end of last week so I decided to take the boys covers off yesterday and let them get some Vitamin D. Trouble was that the paddocks were still quite wet and muddy so they took quite a bit of grooming last night!

First I let Garbo have a graze on the long grass next to the wash bay while maraschino willed himself over there. This is such a cute photo of him licking the barrel - he loves the barrel. Once we put a little bit of beer on it for him and ever since then he licks it when ever he is near it.

He also licks the solar fence panel! And the picnic table. He's a funny wee thing. I haltered him easily and brought him into the washbay for his groom as well (I take turns between the two of them).

As you can see Coco came in as well. He stodd about where he is in this photo but facing out at one stage so I could reach his hind end and still brush Maraschino so I decided to reach out to give Coco a scratch on the back while I was looking at Maraschino and brushing him. It worked Coco didn't budge. I kept scratching and then looked at him - he looked back at me without turning his head and I kept on scratching. Then - I got the brush and started brushing his hair gently. He coped for about 30 seconds (that's quite a long time) and then took a step away. Pretty cool huh!

This is the 'before' photo of Garbo - but then I forgot to take an 'after one!! Doh.

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Twinnie said...

Lovely pics as usual!! I still haven't looked anymore at my camera - must do on Tuesday. Maraschino is cute, licking the barrel - never thought of offering mine beer - think they would love it -more interesting than herbal tea!I presume you had to step away from Maraschino to take his pic when he is tied - interesting how much he sucks his lip in soon as you aren't right there.... good reflection on you I guess. Garbo looks lovely and content.
Enjoy your cooking and kitchen!