Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Out of the blue play session

Yesterday Jane was kind enough to bring her new float around from an hour south of here, for me to look at. Jane used to have a KaraKar Float (and love it) like mine. Hana has one too. We met at a Parelli clinic - funny hey - three KaraKars. Anyway - my KaraKar is now too small really for Garbo and Maraschino together because Maraschino is so long and tall. And there is no way Garbo would travel back in coach class - not after having his business class seat for so long - with the window and the hay and the carrot side table!

Anyway - we had a good look over the float and saw all the good features that Jane had got transferred from the KaraKar, plus so other ideas of her own she wanted to add. It was great.

After looking through the Mastery Manual on Focus and a quick look at Jane's new book called "It's not about the ribbons", (oh and a soy latte) - we went back to the float and I got Garbo from the paddock. He came over straight away - he has been wondering where I have been I think - he sees me every day but I have been so busy with moving that we have had no grooming or play time. More importantly for Garbo - grass time!

Jane offered to hold Maraschino so he didn't get anxious and I accepted her offer. As you will know - after doing Parelli - there are not many people you trust with holding your horse - especially a right brain one, but knowing Jane through her blog and emails now, I did not hesitate - in fact it was wonderful.

It was great to see someone else practising love language and leadership, just the way I would, and especially with Maraschino who is still only a baby - you worry with others that they will disrespect him or knock his confidence.

Jane was very thoughtful and kept Maraschino in view while I played with Garbo on the ramp. I did everything completely direct line though - went out with the intention of seeing if Garbo would fit in the float. No preparation, no treats - what was I thinking!?

Sure enough he got up the ramp and stopped. And looked at me. I asked again and he took half a milli-step. After a while I walked on and he followed me right in - but he then tried to turn around and bumped his bum and rushed off backwards clipping his head on the fibreglass roof edge - it wouldn't have hurt but he lost his confidence and started hiding under my arm.

We did a few other things like up one step, back one step etc so he was confident again and then I left it and gave Garbo to Jane to babysit while I tried Maraschino. He was very cool and sniffed the ramp, walked up the ramp and smelled the inside. I left it at that because he was so brave.

We then took them both for a walk up the driveway. Maraschino was a little tense but he was really brave and tried hard to touch his nose on things, like the port-o-loo, the shrub next door, the solar light - meanwhile Garbo just ate grass and anything else he could reach (like the neighbours plants)!

Then Jane had to go and brave the traffic back home and we put the boys back into the muddy paddock. Maraschino hung around which is unusual - but a good sign!

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Twinnie said...

Well, I really enjoyed my visit so thank you Vicky for trusting me with your gorgeous horses. Anyway, I had a big ulterior motive to come and look at your mastery manual,have another look at the way you have set things up etc !!

can't wait for spring and longer days of horse time - only 2 more days til the shortest day - yay!!