Saturday, January 17, 2009

Voluntary seperation

Yesterday I took Garbo just outside the gate, I grabbed a yummy weed and headed back to Maraschino (left Garbo eating with the rope over his back), and opened the gate from the washbay to the other grass area. Maraschino headed into the grass because there is not alot of grass in the track.

Garbo also slowly wandered away towards the main gate so that they were actually out of sight of each other (but both could easily get back to within sight of each other if they wanted to).

They both seemed pretty peaceful so I went and picked up poos for about 30 minutes. Then I just bought Garbo back in without nay fuss or big deal. So that went pretty well.

Today I tried it again but it was really windy today - you know how that always seems to make horses a bit more on edge. Maraschino called out a few times and then got caught up a little bit in the hose in the washbay, but he soon settled, they were apart (in and out of sight) for about an hour all up.

Coco comes up to me now at dinner time looking for his carrot. I actually saw him following me today when I was picking up poos with the wheel barrow.. I don't want to turn all predator like and just grab him -as tempting as it is!! Would love to get his halter off!

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