Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 2 Seperation

Day two of our 7 day programme of seperation by thresholds went really well. I did the same thing taking Garbo way a bit further each time, then for longer (as well as being longer because we were walking further each way), and walking back casually and bringing him some yummy weeds or grass. He was so calm. At one point I was away for about 8 minutes - right out of sight (we walked up the road which Garbo enjoyed). When I got back he had done one little wee call out and he was in his yard, but came right over and got his treats completely calmly. I was really impressed. He still stands by the fence and looks to see if he can see us. I also put Garbo behind the float so Maraschino couldn't see him, and then took Maraschino weeds. He was still fine. Looking but fine. He kind of looked at me like he was missing out on extra grass rather than missing Garbo. Fingers crossed.

I then took Garbo into the middle paddock and decided to teach him to stand up against the tyre while I mounted bareback. First he wouldn't stand in the right place (too far back) so I got the carrots out. He quickly changed his mind. Then I leaned on him each time waiting until his ears were forward rather than back... and gave him a carrot. Then I put one leg over and rested it on like you would the carrot stick when resting it on his back during driving from zone 3. He lifted his leg and stuck his ears back. I took my leg off and rubbed him. Then tried again - this time he didn't lift his leg so I waited for ears forward and gave him a carrot.

Then I got on... it was a bit of a wiggle.... but made it - and we had a nice bareback ride. He kept wanting to go to the gate so I just played passenger and asked to go forward even when he was up against the fence and he plodded off to the other side of the paddock!

We did some great sideways for a carrot. I tried a big trot but it was towards the gate and quite fast (therefore) and I nearly bounced off!

I made a point of getting off at the tyre (not the gate). All in all a great day.

Coco walked about 50m to me to get his carrot tonight!

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