Sunday, January 4, 2009

Human progress

Maraschino decided it was his turn to dominate, drive and chase poor Coco today. Not all day just at dusk after it stopped raining. Coco squeals like his throat is being cut it's terrible. So I rushed outside with my camera - knowing I can't really do much but let them sort it out (hopefully).

I have given him a little feed both last night and tonight, and tonight I was really pleased that he came walking up to me as I walked in the paddock with his bucket, stopping about 10ft away. I put the bucket down and left. Normally when you face him or look at him with your energy he turns his back or walks away.

I was picking up poos in there today and tried really hard to completely ignore him. I had to be careful even not to point the wheelbarrow at him.

I tried taking Garbo out this afternoon for a walk round the property but Maraschino obviously needs more time to bond with 'squirt' as George calls him, before we go too far. As soon as we were out of sight he started running round so I had to do alot of approach and retreat.

This is a typical stance after they have been having dominance challenges with each other. Coco will go and stand over by the fence and face out, peeking round if there is any movement from horses or humans. I guess it's a good sign he looks round otherwise I would think he was going introverted.

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