Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day three seperation

Garbo has started chewing the halter when I go to put the halter on for some reason. It's like he is trying to floss his teeth!

Looks like it yes!

So - it was about 5.30pm before we started the seperation threshold training. I'll explain the pictures as we go. This was Maraschino as I took Garbo out the gate....

We came away this far for the first one since we had made it past this yesterday.

This is what he was doing as we headed back toward him with grass in hand.

Eating the grass - doesn't look too stressed does he.

This is just outside our gate looking up the private road as we head off up there for a walk up here.

This shows how far away we were. The blue thing is the building site porta-loo.

When we got back -this is what he was doing.... it took him a couple of seconds to turn around and face us.
Walking away for our longest time yet.... check out the sky.

This time we were awy for 10 minutes because I got talking to our nice neighbour. I heard one little call out.
This is how far away we were.
But he was a happy chappy...

This is Garbo trying to make some headway on our pile of topsoil weeds.

I had a quick ride on Garbo today bareback, and he was good for mounting.

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