Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day two Coco

Well he still stands and grazes on the very outside of the herd. Like he has been banished. Maybe he has.

I went over to see if he was ok today while picking up poos and he started to walk towards me. He stopped at the compulsory 10ft mark. I sat down and looked away. He must have stared at me for 5 whole minutes before he turned away (big step). Then I got up slowly and walked away...he came over and smelled where I had been sitting. Maybe he was looking for carrots.

Today Maraschino chased him again, this time round the track so he was not able to cut him off, and after that Coco went running to the yards and went in Garbo's.

Uh Oh. Garbo saw from the other end of the track and started cantering towards the yard (I think he thought he may have been eating)...

Coco came out and was just coming out when Garbo arrived with Maraschino hot on his heels.... and Coco went into the next stall.... Garbo followed and cornered him and boy did it sound like someone was being murdered.

Coco ran away and then Garbo started chasing and driving Maraschino... for ages.

Butter wouldn't melt!

I went to see how Coco was and he came up to me - up to about 5 feet. I went away and got some carrots and came back, sat down about 10ft away and he slowly came up one step at a time, until he could stretch his neck out for the carrot (but he couldn't quite reach) so I reached a bit further with my hand and he took it. Yay.

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