Thursday, January 15, 2009

Unplanned session

Well I planned a ride up the drive today but decided to play with Garbo first because George was mowing the lawns and Garbo was not quite rideable. It wasn't bad or anything but considering I wanted to go up the drive and bareback... I decided to do some stuff on the ground.

Garbo has been cracking me up lately... he trys every trick in the book so as not to do anything. He will stand over the jump and go sideways and as soon as I laugh he comes over to me. It's really quite sweet.

So he wanted to sideways instead of everything else today so we worked on getting sideways at the end of the 22ft, and also at liberty, and with me crossing over my feet next to him as the cue.

So - at the end of the day that took an hour so I didn't ride.

Next I played with Maraschino. Still no trot on circle. We worked on driving from Zone 3 which he is unconfident with, and that improved alot. He still thinks the savvy string over him (friendly) means move though. I stopped soon after he started to look sleepy.

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