Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Oh my God - I can't believe how cool today was.

Garbo didn't seem over keen to come in (he wasn't standing by the gate waiting), so I wondered if I had been too tough on him yesterday. Anyway - he seemed fine so I led him over to the float and decided to start with backing him in. Well - guess what - today he decided he couldn't back straight - let alone into the float. I spent ages trying to correct him but he would just go either side of the ramp. I spent about 10 minutes..... after a while I gave him a break and some grass....

I was going to try it again and I thought - what the heck I'll have a go at sending him in and see what happens.

Guess what!? He went straight in, all the way in, and quickly!!!!

I had some grain up the front this time so he spent a bit of time eating that, and then something gave him a fright and he rushed out, I patted him and sent him in again and he went in again!!! Finished the rest of his grain and calmly backed out again.

It was like he needed a night to think about it!

So I have my float all hooked up ready to go tomorrow morning, hope I don't get too nervous as that will effect him. Thinking positive though.

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cilla said...

go vicki and garbo! i knew you could do it. excellent job. i am so pleased for you and cant wait to hear about the forest ride wednesday. i will be thinking of you..actually i will be there with you in spirit!