Sunday, January 4, 2009


Had a very interesting online and liberty session today with Garbo.

We went into the middle paddock while Coco and Maraschino were grazing in the track around the outside.

Garbo was not showing alot of energy, stopping at every obstacle and scratching himself on it or biting or licking it. Pretending to be really interested in it. So he didn't have to circle.

We started circle game and soon after that Maraschino started chasing Coco round and round the track (they both need the exercise), and Garbo got all stressed. He wants to come in and crowd me when this happens and usually back end first or sideways (so he can still see where the tigers are), so I get quite assertive in driving him back out even if it means phase 4.

He got more stressed so after a while I decided sideways along a fence would be good instead of circles. That worked alot better.

I tried liberty (only because I had asked my husband to video me and of course best laid plans and all that)... it was a disaster. All he wanted to do was be back on the track. Then he saw Coco on his yard and it was tea time so he must have thought he was missing out so he galloped back to the gate (there is that energy!!)... I could not get to his head to get the halter back on, he was turning away from me and backing up so I drove him away from the gate with the carrot stick.

He circled and then game in with ears back and an evil look on his face so I drove him out again, slapping the ground with the savvy string.... this happened 5 more times before he decided to come in with his ears forward.

He still was not in tune with me enough to video so I haltered him, did some sideways and then yo yo'd him back into his yard to see if he could still do it- and he did. So we ended there.

I took him into the washbay, gave him a carrot and a big groom.

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cilla said...

best laid plans exactly! isnt it always the way. Garbo may have sensed your purpose and decided otherwise lol.