Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 4 Seperation

Yes, we missed a day - by the time I had done all the hay yesterday it was dark.

So today I only did about 4 trips away but apart from the first time I stayed at least 10 minutes each time. The last time was probably about 15-20 minutes. Maraschino didn't come straight to the gate when I took Garbo out this time, and he didn't stay by the fence waiting either - he would go into Garbo's yard. I heard him call out a few times, Garbo didn't answer, but each time we went back he was calm and still. All good!

I see him and Coco grazing closer to each other, and Garbo more on his own (as he likes it), and sometimes all three within 50ft of each other...nice to see.

Three more sessions and we will try a short ride out to the forest or Woodhill Sands.
I may even ride Garbo on Day 7. It's been good for him too getting used to the stupid dogs up the road, they just appear and have a really aggresive bark and growl... he jumps and then continues to eat with one eye on them so it will be interesting to see what happens when we ride.

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