Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 7 seperation

I wasn't going to do Day 7 but since I missed a day between 6 and 7 I decided I should. Maraschino tried to follow us through the gate but mainly because the last two days I ahve been letting them graze a little area through a different gate from the washbay. I think he thought that's what was happening, it was about the same time of day.

He called out on the first trip so the first retreat was quite quick but the 2nd and third trip away was much longer.

I think he is ready - I am not 100% sure he won't call out a few times but I don't think he will do much more than that.

I am going to go to the forest for a 30 minute ride on Tuesday or Wednesday. The forest is only 10 minutes from here.

Wish me luck!


Viv said...

Did you go to the forest? I was up the Wed with Yoda for the first time - just as well we didn't meet up. Yoda would've put the willies up Garbo - or perhaps Garbo would have been a nice quite leader for my horse!

Vicki said...

tomorrow or Thursday we are going...